Creamy Asparagus soup and variations thereof

Lethally tasty asparagus soup:


  • one lods of asparagaragus
  • some soupy broth (chicken works well)
  • a buncha potaters
  • one whole whatever package of cooking cream you got laying around needing to be finished
  • garlic, black pepper, basil
  • optional shredded ham or bacon or some salty veggie alternative

How to put it together

  • Cook the asparaguseses. If you bought them unpeeled, use the peel when making the broth for extra intense aspararagususeseses flavoring
  • Make some (chicken/vegetable) broth and add the spices you want to use (e.g garlic, black pepper, basil, etc)
  • cook some potatoes until mashable soft
  • remove the asparagus peels from the broth if you used those
  • add the potatoes and asparagus to the broth
  • use a stick blender to blend everything into a smooth whole
  • add the cooking cream
  • Heat the whole but do not let it boil
  • Serve with shredded ham bits, bacon, or some other salty protein for extra flavour