Welcome to DragonHive

What is Dragonhive?

Dragonhive is a front for various services provided by anthropy / alexander. The idea is to eventually expand and offer some paid hosting services based on opensource software and some custom sauce. Right now it's just a brutally fast server on a brutally fast fiber uplink that I share with my friends :)

The core idea of DH is to have a piece of entirely secure and private space amidst a world where it's normal to host a cloud service paid solely by selling the information the 'customer'(product) gives you.
I believe everyone NEEDS an absolutely trustworthy place where they can store their everything from their every day work to their deepest secrets with no compromises to convenience and functionality. That is DragonHive.
Unlike other places, I'm not just going to ask you to trust me, but give you the tools that should give you everything you need to make sure you don't even have to trust me. Take Seafile for example, your deepest secrets should be encrypted and only readable to you, that's where client-side encryption comes in; As long as you keep your encryption password safe, your data will be undecipherable serverside, and even if the entire server is compromised or confiscated by the government, your data is safe.